25 Jun 2010

Free PHP Web Hosting

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Sharetronix - Facebook/Twitter Clone

Sharetronix - The ideal microblogging tool for your community, you can create facebook-like or twitter-like social network using this software.

Sharetronix Opensource is a multimedia microblogging platform. It helps people in a community, company, or group to exchange short messages over the Web.

Sharetronix is licensed under GNU Affero General Public License, version 3 (the "AGPLv3").

Licensee is hereby required to display the author attribution "Powered by Blogtronix" on all user interface webpages of the on-line community website including the webpages containing legal notices and terms and conditions. Licensee is further required to retain the author attribution "Powered by Blogtronix” within the source code of the Sharetronix Opensource 1.4.2 and later versions."

To remove "Powered by Blogtronix" backlink removal,  a payment is required. As per this article written, the payment of 25.00 USD is required. A single payment allows you to remove the backlink from one installation of Sharetronix.

  • User Profiles

    Users on Sharetronix have custom profiles with detailed information about them, plus their activity on the network, groups, personal tags and more.
  • Status Updates

    Every network member can post short and frequent status updates, ask questions, share media and lots more. Sharetronix supports link, video, image and file attachments with posts.
  • Real-Time Dashboard

    On the platform's dashboard users can follow all updates from their connections in the networks in real time. Users can also see who's online, the currently trending post tags and a lot more.
  • Groups

    Create unlimited private or open groups to organize your content and make it easier for everybody to follow topics and conversations. Users with similar interests can connect with each other in groups.
  • Multimedia

    Now you can share more than just text. You can attach links, pictures, videos and other files to your posts. Multimedia attachments make your newtork much more attractive and addictive to users.
  • Content Tagging

    Tag your messages with hashtags to make them easily searchable. Users can also save their favourite tags to be easily accessed later directly from their dashboard.
  • Search Center

    You can easily search messages, comments, users and groups using advanced search filters. Any search can be saved for quick future access.
  • Real-Time RSS Aggregation

    Automatically import content from RSS/Atom feeds to your profile or groups. Imported feeds can be filtered, so only the interesting stories get published in your network. Real-time aggregation based on the PubSubHubBub protocol.
  • Integrations

    Facebook & Twitter integrations for easy registration and login. Ability to share each public post to Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, Delicious.
  • Mobile Version

    Your microsocial network now fits in your pocket. Our simplified mobile version makes it easy for your network's user stay intouch with each other any time anywhere!
  • Themes & customization

    Sharetronix has an advanced theme engine. You can choose from 5 built-in themes and also design your own theme.
  • Reshare messages

    Sharetronix allows users to easily spread interesting content by resharing other users' post to their followers.
  • API (Twitter-compatible)

    API for developers which is compatible with already existing applications designed for the Twitter API. You can use third party Apps which support custom Twitter-compatible APIs
  • LDAP Integration

    Connect your company LDAP with your Sharetronix site and users will be able to login with their already existing LDAP accounts.
  • SEO Friendly

    Sharetronix is SEO optimized and your content will be easily indexed by Google and other search engines. The frontend code is written by all latest standards.
  • Administration

    With the powerful Sharetronix administration panel you can tune your network the way you want it. You can manage all your settings, users, groups and content from one place, and it's very easy.
  • Statistics

    Our advanced stats module shows you how active your networks users are. Keep track on important parameters of your network's evolution, like how many posts per day you have, etc.

Download it

or you can contribute to the community by share your own developed features and stuff
svn co https://sharetronix.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/sharetronix

Rapid Svn

RapidSVN is a svn client written in C++ using wxWidgets GUI framework. RapidSVN is a cross-platform GUI subversion client and distributed under GNU General Public License.

  • Simple - provides an easy to use interface for working with Subversion Repository
  • Efficient - simple and flexible enough to use it
  • Portable - runs on any platform
  • Fast - entirely written in C++
Download from the official site

Download portable version